This page demonstrates distinctive fast autocomplete features:

This demo contains 4 input fields, associated with 4 dictionaries:

Enter US city (28K):
Enter domain name (380K):
Enter book/movie (~1M):
MightyAgent demo (~30K):

Fast AutoComplete is multilingval, too. The input fields below demonstrate this feature (works in Mozilla firefox only now):

Enter Russian city (in Russian):
Enter a city in Russian or in English:

This autocomplete subsystem initially had been designed for works in production since 2002 on PubMed search engine in 2002. It still works here, and serves two huge dictionaries: Journals (~20,000 journals) and Author names (~12,000,000 personal names).

Also, this fast autocomplete subsystem serves WEB-site of Arlington Heights Memorial Library.

This demo runs on Compaq DeskPro EN: Intel Celeron/300mHz CPU, 288mb/66mHz RAM :-)

Interesting? Want to get? Just contact me!

© 2009 Oleg Khovayko